COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is great for large scale records processing and is frequently used in automated transactions and business processes. According to the COBOL Center, 90% of all financial transactions and approximately 75% of all transactions are facilitated by COBOL. Taking you back to the future, learn how you can become a COBOL Programmer and earn an internship position with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. It's affordable and a great opportunity! Register now for more information!

About TEC's COBOL Certification Course

This Introduction to COBOL course will teach the student the general layout of a COBOL program and all of its required Divisions. The student will learn how to code a structured program using COBOL language reserved words, compile the program, and finally execute it! In addition, students will also learn how to debug the program using specific tools and tricks of the trade used by COBOL programmers.

Why get certified in COBOL

COBOL works well with new front-end applications and Web technologies. Large corporations such as banks, insurance companies as well as government agencies use COBOL. The average entry level COBOL certified programmer earns $64,000 a year. COBOL is easier to read and manage that C# and Java. Most industry experts have found COBOL to be too expensive to replace as it would take years to rewrite all the programs.